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"Rob’s model provides a really helpful framework for moving toward more fruitful mixed-gender ministry partnerships. I’m grateful for his impact on our team!”"

- Matt Meyer, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

"Every church and ministry should take the time to learn from Rob on this topic."

- Santa Barbara Community Church

In the era of #metoo and #churchtoo, is it possible for women and men to work alongside one another in Christian ministry, or are mixed-gender ministry partnerships a model that just won't work?


I believe that not only can women and men find ways to work with one another, I believe that we are actually designed to be:


I am ready to help you think about the caliber of the mixed-gender ministry partnerships in your church, community, or organization. Using more than two decades of campus ministry experience with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and a training model developed during my doctoral studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, I am available for coaching, consulting, and training on a variety of topics at the intersection of gender and faith. 

Want your value for gender equality to better match your practice? Let me help!