Redeeming the Stories We Tell: Overwriting Patriarchal Narratives in Pursuit of Gender Reconciliation

Mutuality Magazine, Spring 2016

An exposition of three broken narratives that prevent men and women from enjoying reconciled relationships, followed by proposals for three redeemed narratives. 

Raising Up Allies: A Standardized Pathway for Developing Men into Allies to Women

Priscilla Papers, July 2020

An article that lays out a 7-step process for developing men into effective allies to women in their ministry contexts. 

Together in Mission: A Model for Flourishing Male/Female Ministry Partnerships in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

10 page summary of my doctoral dissertation from Fuller Theological Seminary.

The Way God Intends It: Men and Women as Gospel Partners

Christians for Biblical Equality

A brief article offering an overview of the biblical theme of mixed-gender partnerships. 

The Gaps Between Us: What Keeps Men and Women from Healthy Ministry Partnerships

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's national blog

A blog post identifying 3 barriers that keep women and men apart in a ministry setting.

Balancing Power: 6 Stages of Men Empowering Women

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's national blog

A blog post proposing 6 things that men can do in an effort to empower women around them.


The Blessed Alliance at Work: Women and Men Partnering Together to Advance the Mission of God

Christians for Biblical Equality

A recording of a one hour seminar delivered at CBE's "Mutual by Design" conference, July 2017 in Orlando, FL.

Challenging Tertullian

My blog, where I reflect on how I/we should respond to the cultural reality of male privilege.